“RC Dance Center is a great dance studio. The teachers and staff are great and friendly. Miss Jen is a wonderful ballet teacher. She always encourages us. We just had a wonderful show and it couldn’t have happened without the help of the teachers and staff. They have a wide selection of classes. I would recommend RC Dance Center to anybody that is looking for dance classes.” -Student at RC Dance Center,  Alaleh


“My 7 year old has taken lessons for a couple of years. This was our 4th studio (had to change due to scheduling). Miss Monica was the most impressive tap teacher I’ve seen. She gives the kids a solid technical foundation, and makes the best fancy-footwork I’ve seen. Great results! Took a couple of fun hip hop classes, too!” – M.


“We are really enjoying this dance school.  It is super family friendly, great instruction and reasonable prices!  We came back here after trying 3 other dance schools in the Los Angeles area.  Glad we’re back!” – Laura G.


“RC Dance Center has an outstanding program, engaged and caring teachers and makes the “family” atmosphere a priority. We have been a part of this dance studio for six years and it has been well worth our time and money. I have two daughters who attend classes regularly and have been part of every performance. It has enriched all of our lives to be part of such a caring and professional dance studio.” – Cathy D.


“We couldn’t be happier to have found this place!” – Sunny R.


“…My daughter has been a student at RC since 2005 and we can’t say enough great things about the place.  The ABT curriculum has brought a grace and beauty of movement to my child that I can’t imagine her receiving anywhere else in our section of Los Angeles county.  The teachers here are trained to teach and have excellent credentials.  The curriculum includes instruction on nutrition as well as proper movement.  Everything is about the well-being of the student…”-  E.Y.


“RC Dance Center has been a part of our lives for 10 years.  If you are looking for a performing arts studio for yourself and/or your child this is the place.  There is a class or a program for almost all your dance and theatre arts needs.  We love it there!!!” – Michele H.


“…The ABT ballet program is without equal and the level of instruction in tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary make for some really spectacular Showcase performances at the end of each year.  Better still, the older girls, who have been dancing at this studio since they were small, are as kind and encouraging to the little ones as big sisters – which is something that comes from the heart of those girls and from the women who created this magical place, and is not something money can buy.  I cannot recommend RC Dance Center enough!”- Heidi M.


“I absolutely love this place! If you are interested in your child learning the art of ballet this is the place. RC is a well-rounded institution that teaches all the many types of ballet and has a set curriculum with ABT and provides professional teachers to guide children into becoming professional dancers as well. They also provide a very safe and inspiring environment by provoking healthy competition within the dancer themselves by telling them to be better than they were in the last class and continuously challenging them to get out of their comfort zone.” – Alina K.





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